Whispers of Nowhere, Continuous Effort

Three weeks later, and Chapter Four is finally done. I’ll add the usual disclaimer here–who knows how many more edits/revisions/drafts I’ll go through before it’s satisfactory, but as of right now, I’m satisfied…and exhausted. 

If I find it needs improving (which I no doubt will) then I at least have the chapter’s “framework”, which in turn will make for far less work later on–or well, you know, in theory.

Naturally, I wasn’t just working on the chapter, itself–if it had only been the chapter, I probably would have been done by this time last week. But, as ever, I wanted to flesh out some other parts of the story; adding on to disjointed scenes/creating new ones, fleshing out more about the characters, their abilities, surroundings, etc, scrapping my chapter notes for chapters six through nine (again).

Okay, not entirely scrapping them–yes, pages got ripped out of my notebook, but a great deal of the content got written down again…just with some changes. The cute thing is, I still don’t know if I’m happy with it–primarily the events starting from Chapter Seven’s notes (I don’t think Chapter Six will need revising ever again). I like the series of events, sure, but I’m wondering if it’s something that’s better off occurring a bit later. I probably should go over it again…after all, if my heart isn’t fully invested in the events occurring at that time, I should launch a pre-emptive strike before I officially write any of it.

(Okay, it’s cruel to mention it, and not tell you what the idea is, so here goes…)

The concept in question:

There comes a point where our three Protagonists (Gwen, Forneus, and Phenex) catch wind that an arch nemesis of Phenex’s, one whom he is responsible for incarcerating within the prison realm created by the gods, “Nowhere”, has escaped, much the same as the other convicts.

Being the hot-headed individual he is, Phenex is hell-bent on going after this nemesis (Reeves) before he can regain the full extent of his power; Forneus implores him not to be reckless, and in a fit of anger, Phenex says some hurtful things to his long-time daemon friend, and takes off. He doesn’t come across Reeves, but he does encounter his minions, and fights them off; meanwhile, Forneus and Gwen go on a mission to retrieve one of the artifacts (with which this entire plot is centred around), and are greatly outnumbered…Gwen sustaining heavy injuries.

However, Phenex, having finished his own battle, manages to catch wind of where they are, hastens to their rescue, heals Gwen, and later on, when she’s asleep in her quarters, seeks out Forneus to apologize. Enter some slightly fluffy, heartfelt stuff here, where the oh-so-proud humanoid firebird actually begs forgiveness for both his words, and his poor actions; quick, bromance style stuff in which Forneus, being the compassionate soul he is, forgives him, and desiring to make up for his wrongs, Phenex assures him he will find out some very important information the daemon needs, via some channels that only the phoenix is capable of accessing.

Okay, there, that’s all you get. XD

Like I said, I’m enthusiastic about it–I’m just not sure it belongs that early on in the story; I feel like it should wait at least a couple more chapters, until he and Gwen start half-assed getting along…you know, kind of be during the time period leading up to it (since there’s also going to be one of those heartfelt scenes between him and Gwen, where the hostility finally dies off, and they wind up being rather good friends).

Pacing…you are a pain in the ass.

As you can see, I can get pretty long-winded about the things I’m most passionate about…sorry. All in all, I hope I haven’t bored you guys too much. I’m considering giving sneak peeks of my disjointed scenes, as well, since they haven’t made their way into the stories chronology just yet.


Anyway, that’s all, for now. 🙂


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