Of Writing, Goals, and Updates

It occurred to me I hadn’t updated my blog for awhile, so I figured there was no time like the present. 😉

Anyway, aside from updating the first eight chapters (and prologue) of “Whispers of Nowhere” (there were a few minor things I just couldn’t ignore), I’m considering posting some Vignettes from it on here, as well. So far, I’ve only posted them on fictionpress, but in order to get much-needed feedback (and granting you, the readers, some sneak-peek content) I thought it might be a good idea.

The Vignettes are simply scenes following the last chapter I provided for sampling–chapter eight. Some of them come from specific chapters, while others have yet to find their exact place in the story–though rest assured, the ones I provide under the “Vignette” title will find their way into WoN, one way or another (the scenes in question are some of the most important, as far as plot, character development, and emotional impact go).

So, if you’re interested in WoN, please keep your eyes peeled for any updates. 🙂

On that subject, I’m currently on Chapter 14, at over 100k words–and I think I’m only a little more than halfway through the story. This is precisely why a trilogy is what I strive for, because I have so much content in mind, between the main plot (Gwen aiding in the retrieval of the artifacts) and the subplots (which admittedly there are few and far in-between, and require a great deal more fleshing out).

My plan is to have the first draft (Ha! Like this sucker hasn’t undergone revising already!) done by May 5th; why May 5th, you ask? Because it was May 5th of last year when I finally took the ideas I’d put on paper, and started typing them in my word document. After the first draft is completed, my goal from there is to 1) Go over it again and again, editing, proof-reading, and revising until I’ve done all I can to prepare it for publishing, and 2) Start the second book.

The first plan is to have book one ready for publishing by May or June of 2016; the second will take more time obviously, since I only have the vague beginnings of an outline set up for it. Suffice it to say, I expect to take as much time on book two as I do on book one; that is to say, one year to complete the first draft, and another year to do all I can to make it presentable for publishers.

Am I under the impression I won’t suffer setbacks? Heh, no–deluded though I may be at times (I talk to my characters, what of it?) I know that rejection letters are part and parcel to the publishing process. The goals I’ve set for myself are just that–goals. I know it may not work out quite the way I’d like it to, but as long as I have a plan in mind, I intend to do follow it through as best I can.

So, bloggers: what goals have you set yourselves for your personal projects?


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