Writerly Goals

Hello, everybody!

Hope you’ve all been having a good summer, and if not–well, it’s almost over! 😀

Anyway, firstly: I’m halfway through the second draft of Whispers of Nowhere. My previous expectation of being done by December has been changed to mid October, early November.

Other goals in relation to my work are as follows:

1) Upon completing the second draft (for the sake of argument, say it happens in November), I will take a few days to a week off from all writerly tasks.

2) Once said break is over, I will officially start on the sequel, Fall of the Spectrum. I say officially, because while the outline started in May, I still haven’t managed to start the story, itself. As with Whisper’s first draft’s official start (again, because planning and outlining came months before the actual writing), ideally it should be a year in the making. So from November 2015 to November 2016.

3) Again, a break will be taken here. Two weeks tops (though knowing me, less).

4) A slight juggling act will follow, if only for a short time (and in high likelihood, involving one project taking precedence over the other). The projects in question will be the third draft of Whispers of Nowhere, and the outlining for the third novel (which hopefully will have a name by then).

5) Since I expect Whisper’s third draft to ultimately take precedence, my expectation is that it will be complete within a six month standing. If the third draft is complete by this time, it should be early May 2017—three years from when Whispers of Nowhere started.

6) A brief break will follow–say a week–and then I will comb through the third draft to make sure it’s as good as it can be (at least for my current talents).

7) Assuming the above process goes well, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks, maybe a month.

8) Once that task is complete, I will officially start looking for publishers. While I’m looking for publishers, work on Fall of the Spectrum (draft two) will begin. Expectation is to have that completed in six months.

Naturally the rest of the goals pertaining to the three are kind of a lather, rinse, repeat formation. After Fall of the Spectrum’s second draft is done, then the first draft of Book Three begins.

I won’t lie; I do have more goals I could type up here, but I figure between making inquiries for Whispers of Nowhere’s publication and toiling away on the sequel’s second draft, it’s best to keep the rest flexible. After all, I have no idea how long I’ll be waiting for a reply, no idea how many rejection letters I’ll get, and no idea when the first novel will finally succeed in being published. I just have a general expectation that I hope will come to fruition.

I will say this, though: If Whispers of Nowhere hasn’t been accepted for publication by mid 2018, I will be taking the self-publishing route. As much as I’d prefer traditional publishing, I’ve come to realize something. There may be some awful self-published works out there, but there are  some awful traditionally published works, as well. By that same token, I have seen self-published books that were better than their traditionally published counterparts.

In sum, I’m going to trust that by 2018, my work is good enough to be released into the world. I’ve worked my ass off, will continue to work my ass off, and I am by no means conceited. I know I have my work cut out for me, and there is always room for improvement. That said, I will not wait around indefinitely for someone else to decide that my work is worth something. This is my heart and soul, my legacy–the mark I hope to leave on this world, and hope will make a difference to others long after I’m gone.

It doesn’t have to be millions. A handful would suffice.

If this makes me deluded, so be it. I just know what I want. I’ve gotten this far–I’ll be damned if I don’t go all the way. One way or another, I will make my dream a reality.

Well, if you’ve read this long and not been completely bored out of your skull, I thank you. ^^;

Until next time–ciao!


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