Progress: Fall of the Spectrum

Hello, lovely people of Word Press! ^^

As promised, I’m keeping you all apprised of my progress on the Whispers of Nowhere trilogy. As of today, Chapter Seventeen of “Fall of the Spectrum” was completed, while simultaneously reaching (and surpassing) a word count of 100,000.

Though I’m not entirely sure how many chapters are left before the first draft is done (if I’ve learned anything about outlining by chapter, it’s that I can’t trust the scenes to be as short or as long as I assume them to be) my estimate sits somewhere between eight to thirteen. Regardless of how many chapters are left, two-thirds of the book is complete.

Provided I’m able to keep the forge hot, I shouldn’t have any trouble finishing the first draft before summer–ideally by May, if I can swing it.

So, to recap on my plans, once FotS’ first draft is complete:

-Start and finish the third draft of “Whispers of Nowhere”, which I expect will take any where from 3-9 months, depending.

-Start draft two for “Fall of the Spectrum”.

I won’t list my bonus goals again, but I will make a mention of my side projects, which tie in with the main one. Currently, “Shattered Time” has been relegated to the back-burner. What I originally (and quite mistakenly) labelled as “the first of the prequels” is, in point of fact, not. Considering the time line I have planned for it (200 years prior to 2014), it wouldn’t make sense–not when the prequel I’m most interest in outlining right now (Forneus’ story) goes back 900 years. Thus, “Shattered Time” will take place in the year 1814, which means it will coincide with some of the events of Forneus’ story (which includes Phenex as well, due to their centuries of friendship). In a sense, “Shattered Time” will be like a companion novel (or series) between Forneus’ story, and Phenex’s–the latter of which starts when Forneus becomes guardian, (as his guardianship involves 75 years of solitude). Phenex’s story will illuminate on his first encounter with Reeves, the main antagonist of the Whispers of Nowhere trilogy, and ultimately what led to their hatred of one another.

Well, I’ve rambled on long enough. I’ll be sure to post more updates in the future, and once I get the side projects from paper onto the computer, I’ll be sure to share some snippets.

In the meantime, thanks for reading, and take care! ^^


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