The Mythos Trials, Progress Report

So it’s been a little while since I last updated. I figured now’s as good a time as any to let you all know what’s happening on my end. Here are the specs:

-The Mythos Trials, started on June 11th, is approximately halfway done. 73,000 words, and if I don’t deviate too far from my loose construct of an outline, where I am now is roughly the plot’s middle.

-On the side, I’ve officially begun the prequels mentioned in previous entries: though Forneus’ prequel is technical the first of the two, Phenex’s was started first on July 13th. Forneus’ began August 1st. The titles are as follows, though subject to change if I come up with something catchier: “The Spectrum Chronicles, Book One: Arcane Guardian” and “The Spectrum Chronicles, Book Two: Shadow & Flame”.

The basic premise behind Book One is Forneus’ origins, “childhood”, and from there, his career within the Regulations Force, which inevitably leads to his meeting and friendship with Phenex, who is 40 years his junior (which amounts to very little when you’re factoring in immortal or near-immortal lifespans).

Book Two picks up more or less where Book One is intended to leave off; when Forneus enters his solitary guardianship role, leaving Phenex to carry out his duties as an operative without the moral support of his best friend. The only one whom succeeded in helping him keep his resentment toward humanity–and the horrors done to him at their hands–at bay. Alone, this task is made much harder when he has to go undercover into a demonic criminal organization, where humans are mysteriously dropping like flies. This, of course, leads to Phenex’s first confrontations with the main antagonist of the Whispers of Nowhere trilogy, Reeves, which I also believe I mentioned in previous entries (but what’s the harm in recapping, right?)

In a nutshell: While The Mythos Trials take top priority, I’ll still be working on The Spectrum Chronicles on the side. Shattered Time, the prequel spin-off intended to serve as a bridge between the prequels and Whispers of Nowhere trilogy, will remain on hiatus until I whittle my workload down to more manageable levels (i.e. when the trilogy is officially done).

Well, that’s it for now. If anyone is interested in reading my work, feel free to wander on over to Wattpad, where the up-to-date version(s) can be found:

Until next time, ta-ta for now! ^_^



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