On Progress, First Rejection, and Character Name Coincidences

Hello, beautiful people of the blogging world. It’s been about a month or so since my last entry, so I figured now is a good time to bring you all up to date on a few things.

Firstly, since starting The Mythos Trials June 11th (a fact which I know, thanks to the date on the word doc.) the novel has reached and surpassed 150,000 words. Currently, I believe it’s at 151-152,000, give or take a couple hundred.

Secondly, I received my first ever rejection letter on September 14th. The rejection was as follows:

Since it lacked in detail (and gave me the impression they were either inundated with Fantasy works, and/or had no time to take on more), I surprised myself by not feeling the least bit upset. I had expected the first rejection to sting, but it seems that will likely be reserved for whatever rejections will follow in the future. Or maybe not at all (though this is entirely doubtful. Get enough of them, and I’m sure they’ll wear me down).

Thirdly, this is just something I found a bit unnerving and strange. First, let it be said that on my honour as a writer and a decent human being, I am not lying about the following statements and data provided.

Getting to the point: Around the time that I first started plotting out Book Two (Fall of the Spectrum), I decided to come up with another antagonist. The name of said antagonist, unlike a handful of the other characters in my stories, was plucked out of nowhere. Or so I thought.

The character in question is Sitri. Below, I will provide his bio:


Age: 392 (appears late 30’s, early 40’s)

Physical Appearance: Humanoid, though sporting large, brown and white feathered wings, each one the length of his body; has deep, golden, cat-tilted eyes, with a long nose, that tapers off, looking rather feline; darkly tanned, with short hair, except for one long, reddish-blonde lock falling across his forehead and the length of his jaw; tall, muscular, though still quite elegant-looking; has a tattoo below his left eye in the shape of a Maltese cross.

Attire: Short, leather pants that stop at the knee; his feet and torso are bare. Gold circlets wrap around his upper arms and his right ankle.

Personality: Abrasive and temperamental, he often seems bored while carrying out Apophis’ orders, and with life, in general. He is very arrogant—in his words, as well as his body language. Despite this, he serves as a very capable General in Apophis’ army.

Entity Type: Egyptian Demon, born from the brow of the malevolent Egyptian god, Set; thus, he holds a portion of Set’s power, as well as his dark nature.

Now, due to a demon form taken on by a character named Mirajane (in the Fairy Tail anime) that happens to share the same name, I decided to look up the name Sitri. Below isn’t the full article, but the part I found the most interesting–and somewhat disconcerting.

This prince among demons has the form of a man with the head of a leopard and the wings of a griffin, though he will change to human form if the conjurer requests it. It is said that in human form he is quite handsome and dangerously charming.

Some believe that Sitri is the same being as the ancient Egyptian god Seth (aka Set). Seth was the Egyptian god of Chaos and Darkness and was largely believed to be evil. He tricked and murdered others who got in his way – most famously his beloved brother, the Egyptian god Osiris. Sitri and Seth seem to share an affinity for chaos, trickery, and darkness, and like the demon Amon, Sitri has enough in common with his Egyptian alter-ego to make this comparison intriguing. Whether they are the same being or not, neither Sitri nor Seth are beings to attempt to conjure as both have the capacity to be extremely dangerous.

I cannot stress this enough; out of all the characters whose names were chosen from those in mythology and demonology, I can assure you with all certainty, Sitri was not one of them. What I can allow for is that I saw his name while hunting for another character’s name, and that’s why it was there in my subconscious to choose from at all. But as to the rest? The similarities in appearance, and the shared link to Set? That I did not know about until today.

Now, considering the majority of my writing involves using Mythology and can’t be treated as plagiarism anyway, you may be wondering why I bring this up at all. The reason is simple: This isn’t just about me being mildly weirded out by the fact that my character and his mythological counterpart share commonalities. No, I bring this up to draw attention to all the times that a writer is accused of stealing/borrowing concepts, characters, etc. from other writers or from other sources, when the writers themselves plead ignorance. Now, I’m willing to admit some of those writers are likely bullshitting, but not all of them; whether subconsciously done, or by sheer coincidence alone, there are those whose claims are legitimate.

Admitting this about Sitri is a double-edged sword (and this, by the way, happened with my character of Iris as well; I’d forgotten there was a Greek messenger goddess, often depicted through rainbows, by the same name). On one hand, by admitting this, I’m proving that not every character name, entity/monster type, etc. is calculated and thoroughly researched. Oftentimes, yes; I do my research, and I am aware of the correlations between certain characters, monsters, places, and their respective lore. Other times, I get thrown for a loop where it just so happens to correlate–such as this case with Sitri.

I guess there wasn’t much reason behind bringing this up, other than to point out that yes, it does happen, and I am given to wonder how many others have found themselves going through the same startling revelations.

If any of you reading this have had the same, please feel free to comment with your experiences below. I’d be interested to hear about them. 🙂



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