The Mythos Trials, Complete

Tonight, at 8:39 P.M., the first draft of The Mythos Trials–and the final installment in the Whispers of Nowhere Trilogy–was completed. With a word count of 205,369, twenty-eight chapters, and an epilogue…this was no small feat for me, especially considering 1) I started this June 11th and 2) Being the end of this particular arc–Gwen’s arc with Phenex and Forneus–it came at no small cost to me emotionally and psychologically.

Finishing the first draft of Whispers of Nowhere was a big deal for me, a milestone I had never reached with an original story–or at least, none that I recall, and certainly none that I had gotten it into my head I was going to get published someday. Fall of the Spectrum, while filling me with a sense of accomplishment when completed, didn’t affect me as Whispers of Nowhere did…nor as The Mythos Trials does, now.

To be honest, after a good bout of crying (sadness, relief, and joy warring for supremacy), I think I’ve slipped into disbelief. I think it will be a while before the shock entirely wears off, before I fully comprehend the gravity of what I’ve just done. I know, I know; just because all three stories are now done (Whispers of Nowhere three times over) doesn’t mean the work is done. Logically, I know this, and am gladdened by it; I know once edits are entirely done, I’m likely to be twice the emotional wreck books one and three have made of me.

Still, the fact that I will continue on with these three novels, by way of editing and revising, in no way negates what I have accomplished tonight. I don’t mean this boastfully, but in the sense that finishing one book is in and of itself something; but to complete three? The me of 3+ years ago likely wouldn’t have believed it possible, and back then, she would have been right. I’ve learned a lot during the nearly three years I’ve spent working on these novels. I still have much more to learn, and a great deal more work ahead of me–but after all this? After coming this far, it’s time for a well-deserved break. It needn’t be long (considering I lack the capacity), but I think a week will cut it.

Really, I don’t know what else to say. I expect to undergo more emotional ups and downs over the coming days, and likely until I settle in for what I hope will be the last round of edits for Whispers of Nowhere. That is what my future holds for the next while, probably the next year or two; the final edits for Whispers of Nowhere, and following that, edits and revisions for Fall of the Spectrum and The Mythos Trials.

I guess that’s really all for now. To those of you who have read my blogs and/or have read my works; thank you. Your support is much appreciated.

Until next time, take care!


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2 Responses to The Mythos Trials, Complete

  1. Congratulations! That is a massive milestone and a significant achievement. You should celebrate: your resilience, your hard work, your achievement and yourself. Then take a step back from it all for at the very least a few days or weeks to re-calibrate and refresh before diving in to those edits. But really, that’s quite an achievement. 🙂

    • rebeldynasty says:

      Thanks so much, Austin! 🙂 I’ll definitely give myself at least a little time off, lol. It always seems to be a double-edged sword; necessary, but at the same time, so difficult considering how used to writerly chaos I’ve become. ^^;

      The praise means a lot coming from you. ^^ (Can’t wait for your next installment!)

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