Reached an Important Decision

Hey guys!

So, this is probably the most active I’ve been in a single month in a very long time, but I felt the need to get this out in the open. As the title suggests, I’ve reached an important decision–but “an important decision regarding what?”, you might be asking.

That decision is this: after much hemming and hawing (and I do mean “much”; those who I’ve talked to about it have likely grown tired of me declaring first one decision, then the other), I have decided that when Whispers of Nowhere is complete–well and truly complete–I will be publishing through Amazon Createspace. Optimistically, I’m hoping this will be no later than this time next year. I’m halfway through “final edits”, and once those are done, I’ll proof-read, fix whatever is needed during said proof-read, then enlist the help of a fellow writer and friend–perhaps more than one, if I can swing it–to help me do the final bit of polishing.

I also have an artist for all three book covers, but of course, these will be done as separate commissions; Book One is first and foremost the priority. Once its cover is done and it’s been released into the world, then books Two and Three will follow–hopefully in fairly quick succession.

So, back to the subject of self-publishing, and how I came to this decision. Like I said, I mulled it over for a long time, and by no means was this choice made easily. In all of the years that I have been dead set on becoming an accomplished writer, I’ve had a fixed idea of how that would happen; a vision of how it would play out, agonizing step by agonizing step, until finally, success.

You know how some girls plan out their extravagant weddings long before they even have found Mr. (or in some cases, Mrs.) Right? That’s me with pursuing writing as a career.

For the longest time, I laboured under the misconception (and I am appropriately ashamed by it) that self-publishing was the lazy way out, done by those less-talented, those who didn’t have the wherewithal to pursue true publication the traditional way. Even after I discarded that misconception–not done overnight, but I would say I realized my error in judgment a little more than two years ago–I still couldn’t reconcile pursuing the method, personally. Though I had come to realize there were plenty of amazing self-pub books out there (just as there are trashy traditionally-published ones), I couldn’t convince myself that I would ever be among those amazing self-pub authors. Maybe it was guilt for my previous misconception, the humbling realization that as a writer, I’m far from perfect; maybe it was because as much as I love writing, I seldom ever think my work worthwhile. Likely, it was a mixture of the two, and gods know however many doubts niggled at the back of my mind.

Regardless, the point still stands; even now that I’ve outgrown that ignorant view, I still have my doubts as to whether I am worthy enough to pursue self-publishing. Despite that, my decision is made. I will be published, and aside from the help I will garner from those good enough to assist me, I will be doing it on my own.

I have no ill-will toward traditional publishing houses. On the contrary, I have nothing but the utmost respect for them. That said, I have to let go of my previous expectations–of myself, and of making it into the big five–to pursue something more realistic. Self-publishing is not “the easy way out”. In fact, it can be every bit as difficult as (if not more so than)  pursuing traditional publishing–and involves a great deal more work on the part of the author, besides.

In spite of the headache it will no doubt give me, I am glad I finally came to this decision. It’s one less load on my shoulders, one less reason for the loss of sleep at night. While I don’t expect my romanticized vision of trad publishing to vanish overnight (I know giving it up will likely pain me for some time), I have made my peace, knowing it currently is not the path for me.

And that’s the beauty of it: currently. The future may hold a very different prospect–if not for the Whispers of Nowhere Trilogy, then for my future works.

So, that about sums it up. I know what path to take now, and sadness at saying goodbye to my previous notion aside, I am actually quite excited by what lies ahead.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, and I hope to have more noteworthy news for you in the coming months. ^^


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2 Responses to Reached an Important Decision

  1. Shannon, you did it – you made up your mind!

    Just a couple f things – get your business plan in order before you publish the first book. Books, however good, just don’t sell themselves. Don’t only publish paperbacks with CS, but also get at least a Kindle edition out with KDP, if not other ebook formats with Kobo, B&N, etc. Most indies sell more ebooks than paperbacks, and they are more profitable.

    I’ll help you any way I can, although I’m still climbing the mountain myself, I’ve learned a lot on my journey so far. You could learn from my mistakes! Just get in touch if you have any questions at all about any of it (there are no stupid questions).

    Big respect. The adventure begins! 🙂

    • rebeldynasty says:

      Thanks, Austin! ^^

      I’ll definitely be taking your advice on this, and getting Whispers of Nowhere out in both formats in as many places as I can. Fortunately, I’ve got time on my side to work out all the details. Gods know I still have more than a few business-related aspects to take care of–such as official copyright. Canadian copyright is strange, in that as soon as I create something, it’s automatically copyrighted to me–yet at the same time, it’s better to have it legally registered to prevent any unpleasant issues, however unlikely those issues may be.

      I really appreciate your offer of help, and will definitely take you up on it. I just hope I don’t drive you too crazy with whatever questions I may have. I suspect formatting will be my undoing. xD

      Thank you so much again. ^^ You don’t know how good it is, to know there are people like you in my corner.

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