Whispers of Nowhere Audiobook and More

Hello, lovelies!

It’s been a couple of months (give or take) since my last update. So first up on the docket:

-The Whispers of Nowhere audiobook is officially available! The first ten people to comment their interest (be it here, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc) will receive a promo code, allowing them to get the audiobook for free. 🙂 So if you like YA Fantasy with a healthy dose of eclectic mythology, folklore, snarky firebrands, relatable teen heroines, and suave, smartly-dressed entities with soft hearts, don’t miss out on your chance.  The link will be provided at the bottom of this post.

-Fall of the Spectrum comes out June 7th–that’s three days from now! The pre-order raffle is still going, so if you want a chance to win signed paperbacks of both Whispers of Nowhere and Fall of the Spectrum, a promo poster and a custom-made phoenix feather necklace, you still have time! All you need to do is purchase an ebook copy of either book–or if you prefer paperbacks, you can order WoN on Amazon or message me for FotS, and I’ll make it happen–provide screencaps of your purchase, and you’ll be eligible. You might be wondering, “What’s the point in buying the book if I end up winning signed copies?” Well, any physical copies you purchased prior can go to friends, family, or even your public library, allowing you to keep the signed copies and goodies for yourself. Or alternatively, you can gift them to someone of you’re choosing. Ebook copies make excellent back-ups for travel. ^^ And lastly on the docket…

-The anthology I wrote for, The Masks We Wore, is tentatively set to come out this summer. I’ll provide more info on that as it comes, as well as links to a video interview I did with one of the anthology’s coordinators, Caitlin E. Jones. ^^

As always, I hope you are all keeping safe in these trying times, that you’re able to find a point of light in all the darkness currently going on in the world. Stay strong, my friends, and keep moving toward a better future. ❤

Fall of the Spectrum Pre-order

Whispers of Nowhere Audiobook


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