Interview & General Update

Hey, lovelies!

I hope you are all doing well and finding things to be happy about and grateful for during these difficult times.

Since my last blog post, a few things have come to pass.

One being that Fall of the Spectrum was launched June 7th in ebook and paperback. So if you’ve read/own Whispers of Nowhere, you can now get its sequel on Amazon–or you can DM me and order a personally-signed paperback.

The second thing being the video interview I did with Caitlin Jones has been uploaded. In it, we talk about the upcoming anthology, The Masks We Wore, our writing processes/journeys, and the creative/persona balance we present on social media. Said interview was about 24 minutes long, so if you have the time, please check it out below:

Academia Discussions Interview

No word on the anthology’s release date yet, but I’ll be sure to keep you all posted!

The third thing being that the audiobook version of Fall of the Spectrum is currently underway by the same producer who narrated Whispers of Nowhere, so that’s pretty exciting for me. Not sure how long it will be before it’s out, but like with the anthology, I will keep you all posted.

As to other matters:

-I haven’t continued querying The 13th Magic, as I’m more or less waiting to hear back from the agent who requested a partial, but also waiting for the others to accept, decline, or time out as well (since I sent many queries in a short span of time). Depending on what happens in the next month, I’ll either continue querying sometime August/September, or maybe I’ll have good news. Yet another thing I’ll have to keep you all posted on.

-Shattered Time. I have five chapters left to write, which I’m saying tentatively. I have often likened my works to hydras, in that for every chapter I complete, two more seem to sprout up to take its place. This has certainly been the case throughout writing this draft, so I’m hoping it won’t be the case for this last handful of chapters. With luck, I’ll be done the first draft around mid/late August. This will come as a monumental relief; one less WIP that I’m on again/off again with.

When Shattered Time is done, I have a few choices of what I’ll focus my attentions on next, and it’s anyone’s guess which one it’ll be (since my desire to work on one or the other is as changing as the weather).

-I can either work on Static, the standalone cyberpunk story I started nearly two years ago, and hopefully dedicate my time to finishing its first draft before it turns into another Shattered Time situation.


-I can work on the next draft of Shadow & Flame, for no other reason other than I’ve been really drawn to working with Phenex and Reeves again.


-I can start the arduous process of doing final revisions on The Mythos Trials in preparation for releasing it sometime next year (ideally; that’s not set in stone), which will likely involve two or three steps (read-throughs that result in making notes, notes that lead to making changes on the second pass, and the third pass–maybe even a fourth–to catch all the stuff I might have missed; line edits or large-scale developmental changes, of which there might be more than a few).

Not going to lie, I’m shying away from that–or at least, I’m shying away from doing it all at once. The more I have to read my stories over and over in a single setting, the more likely I am to miss something crucial. So saying that, I’m going to break it down, at least between steps 2 and however many more follow. The first two should be one after the other, since certain things will be fresh in my mind. The break after might be the best time for me to focus on S&F’s next draft (fourth), and maybe even another draft of Arcane Guardian while I’m at it.

We’ll see what decision I come to when ST is done–and guaranteed whatever choice I make, I’ll wind up lamenting it because I’ll suddenly be much more interested in one of the other stories glaring up at me from my laptop screen.

Anyway, if you’ve stuck with my senseless rambling this long, thank you! I hope the stories mentioned are of some interest to you, as well as the interview posted above.

Until next time, stay safe everybody, and best of luck in your own goals and endeavours.


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