Meet the Characters


This is where you will find my three main characters’ bios, as well as awesome artwork of both them and my antagonists/supporting characters from Whispers of Nowhere. (Artwork obviously not done by me, of course; each picture will be credited to the artist who did it).

Without further ado!

First up…Gwen!


Gwenyth Lamelle–or simply Gwen

Age: 15
Birthday: April 6th, 1999
Physical Appearance: Pale green eyes, with short, feathery golden blonde hair that goes down just passed her chin; average build for her age, neither thin, nor chubby; small-chested, lean arms, moderate waistline, lean, slightly muscular legs. Moderately long nose, slightly upturned; pale freckling across her nose and cheeks, as well as her shoulders. Still growing, she stands at about 5’2.
Attire: Various, though she prefers jeans, T-shirts/tank tops, and hoodies over most other forms of clothing. She has three piercings in each ear—two at the bottom, one on the cartilage—in a mixture of steel hoops and gold studs.
Personality: Average, relatively smart academically and otherwise. Proud, stubborn, and prone to fits of teenage angst, Gwen spends a lot of time butting heads with Phenex, occasionally taking her agitation out on Forneus in the process. As quickly as her temper flares up, it dissipates, leaving her feeling awkward, embarrassed, and defensive. Despite her shortcomings, Gwen means well, and is very sincere. She occasionally shows wisdom and maturity beyond her years, and readily tackles any obstacle, though she has moments of uncertainty when alone. She is athletic, a hands-on learner, and has an aptitude for repairing household appliances and electronic devices. She likes being outdoors, particularly on summer nights.
Vocation: A seemingly ordinary girl, Gwen’s destiny is much larger than she could ever have imagined, intertwined with the fates of not only Forneus and Phenex, but of all those under the protection and observation of the High Council of Deities and their tactical units within the Regulations Force—each and every realm known to god-kind. With her whole world and life turned upside down, the road ahead of Gwen is long and hard—can she help reclaim the lost artifacts and restore Forneus’s powers to him in time, or will the fate of the world—of all worlds—end in ruin?



Forneus: guardian of the artifacts.

Age: 900 (appears to be mid 30s)

Birthday: June 15th, 1114

Physical Appearance: Pale, with short, wavy, black hair; silver eyes, long lashes, and stubble across his jaw and upper lip; long, prominent nose, high cheekbones, and a slight cleft in his chin. Tall (6’3), with a lean build, and light on his feet. Has a genuine, ready smile, softening his otherwise chiseled features.

Attire: Deep navy trousers tucked into knee-high black boots with buckles, and a light, cotton frock coat to match (reminiscent of the 18th Century). He wears a simple, black, button-up dress shirt beneath. A series of gold and silver rings adorn his fingers, only one of which has a stone embedded in it; an oval-shaped sapphire, set into the gold ring on his left middle finger. Each one of his rings has intricately carved runes, which aid in the concentration of his power.

Personality: Intelligent, with a snappy wit. Kind, calm, and experienced, he has the air of someone much older than he appears, looking to be in his mid-thirties, when he is, in fact, hundreds of years older. He is protective and loyal toward Gwen (in an almost fatherly manner), acting as a mentor during their quest, and is quick to put himself in the line of danger in order to protect her—without any regard for his own life. Forneus has a very understanding, forgiving nature about him, and in spite of being aware of some of the atrocities performed by mankind—to other living beings, as well as each other—he doesn’t allow the bad to taint his view of them as a whole. For every terrible act committed by a human, he has seen goodness and kindness in them, as well; he has seen those who have suffered pick themselves up and smile through the pain. It is the good in humanity that draws him to them, that makes him grateful for those who helped call him into being alongside the gods, and thus, take on the form of one—however fantastical he may be.

Entity Type: Daemon (not to be confused with “demon”). While sometimes confused with demi-god, a daemon is merely a supernatural being that can take a human form, possessing advanced magical abilities akin to the power of the gods. In truth, he serves as an intermediary between the gods and the mortal world.

Abilities: Capable of incredible feats of strength, and possessing an aptitude for arcane magic, he also proves to be an agile fighter. He can materialize various melee weapons from thin air with his arcane arts, or produce lightning and elemental attacks, depending on his level of energy and the situation. Defensively, he can create protective force fields for short periods of time.

Vocation: Currently the Guardian of the Artifacts, Forneus once served (and will again, once his guardianship ends) as an elite operative of the Regulations Force’s First Unit, alongside Phenex for many years. He proved himself adept in many forms of combat and magic, and even helped Phenex in his earlier years within the unit. Forneus showed that he was both capable of taking and giving commands, and that he worked well under pressure, always finding a solution no matter the problem. It was because of his ability to remain focused on a task, however tedious, that he was selected as one of the guardians; both the Regulations Force and the High Council holding him in high esteem, even when he didn’t.

And last, but certainly not least…



Phenex: literally a phoenix, human-personified.

Age: 322 in his current incarnation (third lifetime) 860 in total (appears mid to late 20s)

Birthday: April 30th, 1154 (rebirths not counted).

Physical Appearance: Golden-tanned skin; tousled, feathery auburn hair, with thin sideburns; clean-shaven, with slightly boyish features; small nose, dimples in his cheeks when he smiles, though he often grins in a crooked, playful manner—sometimes with a dangerous glint in his eyes. Eyes are a mottled amber to golden colour, and reveal a being much older than his deceptively youthful appearance.

Shorter than Forneus by a few inches (6’0), he is still tall, and has a nice, muscular build, with somewhat broad shoulders; has a golden, tribal sun tattoo on his chest, revealing his connection to the sun, and thus, his true nature as a phoenix. Tattoo design is something like this:

Image result for tribal sun tattoo

Attire: Phenex prefers modern clothing; dark jeans, a simple white T-shirt, and a black leather jacket (usually unzipped), with a pair of white and black sneakers to complete the ensemble. He also has two piercings in the lobe of his right ear; two thick hoops with a single golden bird engraved into each one.

Personality: Phenex is impatient, has a fiery temper, and thus, is prone to impulsive behaviour from time-to-time. However, he can also be rather quick to forgive the subject of his ire, if the person in question proves to be sincerely remorseful. He can be very sarcastic at times, but overall, has a good heart, and when it comes to combat, a good head on his shoulders; it takes someone he cares very deeply for getting hurt for him to lose his senses in a fight. Fighting is one of the rare times when he possesses a level-head, otherwise.

Phenex also has a bad tendency of saying cruel and hurtful things to those closest to him when in a fit of anger; though it doesn’t come easily, since he can be a very proud and hard-headed individual, he always rights the wrongs he’s done to others, and once he’s forged a friendship with someone, he’s loyal to a fault. He can also be playfully mischievous at times.

Entity Type: Phoenix; a mythical bird of vibrant colour, able to produce flames. When it dies, it is reborn from its own ashes. His phoenix form is a massive, ethereal bird of gold, with flames of red, blue, and yellow rippling around him like an aura. He seldom takes his true form, however, since it can be hazardous in the mortal world and around those bearing mortal blood.

Abilities: Able to produce fire in the palm of his hand, he can concentrate it into bursts intended for attack, or cloak his body in flames as a defensive measure. He is also gifted in many forms of hand-to-hand combat, and possesses great speed. Additionally, he can heal his companions, sometimes using his feathers as energy conduits to focus his healing into a specific area.

Vocation: Phenex is an elite, solo operative of the Regulations Force, First Unit. Over the centuries, Phenex has been under the tutelage of Ra, Horus, and later on, Apollo—a different god for each one of the three lives he’s lived so far. It is through Apollo that he has gained most of his training, bringing his talents out in full while allowing him to keep his destructive powers in check. Though he isn’t the true “Flame of Olympus” from the old Greek stories (regarding Prometheus’ gift to humanity), Apollo nick-named him as such after seeing him in the throes of combat, and once he was satisfied the “firebird” had gained the combative skills he needed, had his own demigod son, Asclepius, train Phenex in the healing arts. This was intended to help him balance out both his constructive and destructive powers, making him by far one of the best operatives in the Regulations Force…even if he does break the rules of conduct from time-to-time.

All three of the above images were done by azuredarkangel of

Gwen, Version 2

Updated! Gwen Mark Two, done by the lovely azuredarkangel of

More artwork of the boys! 😉

Phenex Finished by LaceWingedSaby

Phenex commission done by LacewingedSaby of

Forneus Finished by LacewingedSaby

Forneus commission done by LacewingedSaby of

Next, a group image of Phenex, Forneus, and Gwen, also done by the lovely LacewingedSaby:

Whispers of Nowhere by LaceWingedSaby

My main antagonist, Reeves!

Reeves sketch coloured

Reeves Coatless

Reeves Full Dress

The top three sketches of Reeves done by absolitude of

Reeves Comm by LacewingedSaby

Digital portrait commission of Reeves done by LacewingedSaby of

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