The Mythos Trials

The Mythos Trials, third and final installment in the Whispers of Nowhere trilogy.


The Spectrum has fallen. Those not trapped within its borders find themselves scattered across the realms, unable to help, unable to do anything—until Gwen and her companions find a way into the Underworld, that is. With the help of Hades, they venture into the famed realm of Mythos, where the Moirai are said to reside; hidden within a pocket realm rumoured to move from place to place. Finding them could mean the difference between salvation and damnation, for without their help, Gwen may never be freed from her fate as a seal of Nowhere. A fate that could mean her death should her seal ever be restored, as well as the destruction of the Spectrum itself.

With Set’s forces laying siege across the globe, Iris and Reeves continuously plotting their next step to world conquest, and Lucas dogging Gwen every step of the way, freeing those trapped within the Spectrum’s borders will prove to be an insurmountable task. And as if things weren’t bad enough, the Moirai’s help comes at a price: Gwen must undergo a series of trials, facing horror upon horror until the Fates are satisfied—and at the end of it all, she must engage Lucas in single combat.

Only then will the Moirai give Gwen and her companions the answers they seek. But with time being of the essence, will they be able to save both Earth and the Spectrum in time? Or will everything they’ve fought so hard to protect come crumbling down around them?