The Spectrum Chronicles: Arcane Guardian

Arcane Guardian is a companion novel to the Whispers of Nowhere trilogy, alongside Shadow & Flame and Shattered Time.

Arcane Guardian Synopsis:

There are those who have lived for millennia, who have seen mankind and the world around them go through all manner of change: The ingenuity of invention, of artistry and architecture, the rise and fall of empires… Forneus has seen all this and more.

A concentrated mass of ether given conscious form, Forneus is gifted with much: Power. Magic. Near-immortality. Gifts bestowed upon all daemon kind, entities serving as intermediaries between gods and man—a role which Forneus has faithfully carried out over the centuries.

From a precocious child who once sought out all manner of mischief, to the guardian who protected a young girl and her world from oblivion, Forneus has experienced much in over nine-hundred years of life, has fought more battles than he can count. Now a new threat is on the rise, one that endangers the Spectrum itself—and one Forneus has been to chosen to lead the assault against. But before he can do that, he must first learn the truth about these attacks, must heed the warnings from an old comrade he has long thought dead for many centuries… And one whom just might hold the key to the Spectrum’s salvation.

(A collection of short stories in The Spectrum Chronicles, a companion series to the Whispers of Nowhere trilogy).