The Spectrum Chronicles: Shattered Time

(Shattered Time is part of  The Spectrum Chronicles–prequel series to the Whispers of Nowhere Trilogy).

Shattered Time Synopsis:

Giving in to his impulse to reclaim his long-lost youth, Chronos—Father of Time, whom has existed since it began—turns back the hands of time.

In doing so, he tears the very fabric of reality apart. In a last-ditch effort to set things right, Chronos perishes, and with his death, reality is threatened once again.

Now it is up to the High Council of Deities to select a new Timekeeper; someone strong and powerful enough to regulate the flow of Time and all that it governs. It isn’t a god or any other immortal being who will be tasked with this eternal mantle, however, but a human. And to further complicate matters, the Timepiece Chronos leaves behind doesn’t select just one human candidate, but five—split between Earth and the twin world born from Chronos’ actions, Geminus.

Lucas Chaumont, the son of a nobleman, desperate to save his sister from a mysterious ailment.

Gwilym Lauderdale, a poor farmer’s son constantly bullied and mired in self-doubt.

James Coleman, a Brooklyn-born Irish boy forever suffering the scorn of his upper-class schoolmates.

Rosa Gaspare, a seemingly well-off girl whose only desire is to escape her abusive, drunken father.

And Vani Khanna, a Punjabi girl set on asserting her independence in a time when marriage is being pressed upon her by her loving, yet misguided parents.

All five candidates must prove their mettle in a series of tests known as the Timekeeper Trials, but more than that, they must either come to terms with their limitations or learn to overcome them.

Who among them will earn their place as Chronos’ successor—and what will become of those who don’t?