Whispers of Nowhere


When Gwen’s father gets home late from work, it’s just another typical night for the museum curator’s daughter. Still, there’s something strange about the artifacts he’s brought home this time, something so unique that she can’t help but touch them.

In a blinding flash, the artifacts vanish, and a mysterious man appears in their place. Only he’s not a man at all. Forneus is a daemon, an intermediary between gods and man—and the guardian of the very artifacts Gwen has just unwittingly sent back to their places of origin around the globe.

Gwen doesn’t have time to absorb this before a new figure emerges: Phenex, the human-personification of the legendary bird, himself. The next thing she knows, she’s being whisked away from the comfort of her home into a world beyond her wildest imaginings.

When she thinks things couldn’t possibly get any more complicated, she’s proven wrong. Because those bizarre artifacts? They were protective seals to a place called Nowhere; a prison realm created by the gods to contain all of the malevolent forces Gwen has only heard about in bedtime stories.

Now those very same forces are on the rampage, intent on revenge against the gods whom imprisoned them—and they don’t care who else gets hurt along the way. Possessing innate powers she can’t even begin to understand, it is up to Gwen and her two mysterious allies to reclaim the lost artifacts before someone far more sinister does…



2 Responses to Whispers of Nowhere

  1. erian1mortal says:

    Been reading on and off while on my holiday break. I really like the set up you have for the story.
    Still I think there could’ve been a little bit more build up at the start for Gwen in terms of background information, but I guess that is intentional.
    I still have 5 chapters to go, and I’m looking forward to reading them^^

    • rebeldynasty says:

      Thank you! ^^ I’m glad you’ve been enjoying it, so far. Yeah, I’ve been sprinkling bits of info throughout the story; it’s possible that things will be changed around before I look into publishing, and that more info will come in at the beginning…but I’m not sure, yet. ^^;

      When you do continue, let me know what you think; I’m open to advice and critique, alike. 🙂

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